What I Did on my Holidays!

Does the title remind you of those essays we had to write after the school summer holidays? I always hated them, because I never did anything, or at least not anything interesting. I used to make things up. I guess I'm still doing that. But this time I have pictures to prove I did do something

 I thought it might make a change to share it on this blog, but be warned there is no regency or writing content. 

We just got back from Costa Rica and I went zip lining. I loved it. I have to say that the helpful staff made it easy, but still, as a person who hates heights I had the feeling I might chicken out.

But I didn't. I can't wait to go again. The weather in Costa Rica is gorgeous, unlike here today, where we have freezing rain.

Here I am with the guys. This was the group that went around together. I was surprised at how safe it was, we were  clipped on to a safety line at all times. Helmets were required, and then there were all the straps. And they provided water at intervals. It is very easy to dehydrate in the heat. So glad I wore that shirt; it shows up really well in the pictures, lol

Not once did I feel scared and as someone whose knees wobble every time I step one step up my kitchen ladder, that is saying something.  Well, do I hear you say, it is all very well showing us a picture, but how do we know you actually did it? Aha, I cry. I have the video. This may take a bit of time to load on your computer, but if you have a minute, then give it a shot.

It's a bit jiggly, the guide taking it was on a platform at the top of a tree, and you can hear him shouting break at the end, telling me to pull down on the wire so I didn't slam into the tree. You can certainly see my big happy smile. Oh, I do want to have another turn.

So there we have it, what I did on my holidays.  --There was lots more, we saw some of the countryside, and toured a national park, and of course went swimming in the ocean. The sand is black, or at least when it is on your feet it makes them look dirty, but the ocean was clear, and warm and we swam in it every day.
I haven't ever been anywhere more friendly or more interesting. So that's it for me, today.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.