Flora and Fauna of Regency Britain - April

by Michele Ann Young
April always seem like a soft month to me. New grass, soft underfoot, new leaves, soft and moist to the touch, new flowers, soft on the eye, and new fauna who are just ... soft on the heart.

Did you guess]? I like Spring.

I thought I would start with this old friend of mine, the hedgehog because they are cute, and they are the only spiny mammal in Britain.

They live on insects and grubs and they emerge from winter hibernation in early Spring, so around now. They have their four or five babies any time between April and September. They are primarily nocturnal, but can often be seen scurrying around at dusk.

My second choice for this month is Britain's Early Purple Orchid.

Yes we have our orchids too. Flourishing in particular in broadleaved woodland and coppices it is scene here amid the bluebells (which you may recall is a favorite of mine).

It is widespread throughout the British Isles, especially in the southern half of England it flowers in late April hence its appearance today.

Lots more to know, but time has run out too quickly today. So until next time, when Ann is going to talk about debutantes as a follow up to an earlier post, Happy Rambles.