Count Down to No Regrets

Well, it is just seven days until my book is on the shelves. Actually, it is a little bit longer than that here in Canada, October 5th, but that is fine, it just means I can celebrate for longer. I am getting quite excited though. I wonder if those butterflies in the stomach ever wear off? Does Nora Roberts feel this way--still? My guess is that she does.

This past weekend provided glorious fall days, clear blue skies, temperatures warm and pleasant enough to spend most of the day outside. I spent as much time as I could in the garden, but I did have some writerly things to get done. I arranged some booksignings and the dates will be posted on my website and on the blog. I started on a brochure and have ordered some bookmarks and some postcards. I also worked on my next newsletter and of course I did a little bit of writing.

I also received two new very very nice reviews. I will be also putting those up on my website over the next couple of days. As you can tell, I have lots of activity to undertake over the next little while. Anyway, in addition to the 4 Star review from Romantic Times, I got five ribbons from Romance Junkies (not posted yet so I guess I have let a cat out of the bag) and five red roses from Red roses for authors reviews.

How about that? I must be doing something right.

I never imagined how busy being a writer would be. Of course, some would say this blog is just adding to the work. But to me, this is fun. I get to meet all kinds of different people and they get to meet me in very informal circumstance as we chat about the Regency and the information I manage to uncover. I know I promised you some Regency interiors, and those are coming, but once in a while I am going to tell you about my books and my writing experiences and I hope that is all right with you.

Next Sunday, I get to meet my editor and my publisher. I am going to go to Chicago for the day. How very posh that sounds, doesn't it. SourceBooks is having its 20th birthday and they invited me to go and help celebrate. I will tell you all about that next week.

Until next time ~~ Happy Rambles.