Regency Fashion 1811

We are still in the first year of the Regency, 1811,  and what is everyone wearing?

May 1811 Evening Dress

Clearly this has all the Regency classic styling we have come to expect, with the romanesque draping to the gown and the tunic style overdress.  Personally I am not keen on the turban, but the whole outfit is very nicely pulled together by the gold and green embroidery and the diamond shapes.

A robe and petticoat of white satin with short sleeves,trimmed with green or yellow chenille, over which is worn a light green drapery of crape, fastened on the left shoulder with an amber or cornelian brooch, folded over the left side of the figure in front , nearly concealing the waist on that side. The hind part of the drapery is simply bound in at the bottom of the waist, confined underneath the drapery in front, entirely ornamented round with yellow chenille. With this dress is worn a Turkish turban of green crape, with trimming to correspond with plume on the right side. Shoes of green kid or silk.

The gowns on the right are opera dresses for the same month.