Regency Fashion 1811

Portrait of the Mlles. Mollien by Rouget, 1811

Ah yes, it is fashion day.   

A Ball Gown ~ April 1811
A white sarsenet or satin petticoat, with short sleeves, over which is worn a body and drapery of light-blue gauze, formed in three points, or vandykes over the petticoat, reaching nearly to the bottom, the ends finished with white silk tassels. It is crossed over the figure in fronts towards the left side, and fastened in tufts of bows of the same colour. A short sash tied in a bow on the left side. Sleeves looped up in front of the arm. The bottom of the petticoat is trimmed in vandykes to correspond. White silk stockings and blue kid shoes.The hair twisted up behind and redressed in full curls, ornamented with a bandeau of light blue twisted crape and roses. White kid gloves. 

And in Paris they were wearing Cashmere Shawls

This one in pink has an amazingly low neck line and the lady carries another shawl in white.

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