I can see from my stats, that my readers are all about the fashion. Which is great! But there is so much other stuff that I find fascinating in the Regency. But I do promise you a fashion post soon, as I have a heroine to dress.

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey - as I am - I want to remind you that book four of the Castonbury Park series: Lady of Shame is in stores in print (and e-book) in the UK for November, and also available for preorder in North America as an ebook.  This is such a lovely series and the covers look outstanding all together on my bookshelf, don't you think?

If you are here in North America and prefer to read a print book, despair not!  The Castonbury Park Series will be coming to a store near you.

The first two books will be out in December under one cover, and the second Ladies of Disrepute, which includes my story, will be out in January.

And just to wet your appetite for the whole series:

Those covers are really amazing aren't they? And there is lots of upstairs downstairs scandal as well as an overarching mystery.

Here is a little bit about my story:

Lady Claire must put pride above prattle if she is to shake off the no-so-respectable reputation of her youth. Swapping rebellion for reserve, she returns to her imposing childhood home, Castonbury Park, seeking her family's help.  Penniless Claire needs a sensible husband...and fast.

But when the dark gaze of head chef Monsieur Andre catches her eyed, he's as deliciously tempting as the food he prepares.  Claire knows he is most unsuitable... even if the chemistry between them is magnetic.  Risking her reputation for Andre would be shameful - but losing him would be even worse.

Until next time, Happy Rambles