Searching for Regency England

Wardour Castle (Continued)

In the 18th century, Wardour Castle became a romantic ruin to a new house for the Arundel's built across the lake also created in the 18th century during the landscaping of the park. How romantic is that view.

The small building to the left overlooks that lake and was built as a summer picknic pavilion. Quite honestly I was surprised to see that the pavilion looks back across that lake  rather than at the ruin itself. Built in the gothic stylepopular in the 1770's, I thought the windows rather small. By the 1830's this summer house had become a public refreshment room and dining room. These days it is used for weddings and such.

 I took many many pictures inside the castle, none of which are relevant to our topic, all about that medieval I will write one day I suppose, or the fantasy playing out in the back of my mind.  But since  I am writing a Regency-set gothic, and I definitely have a thing for towers and circular staircases, and some of the feeling of these will show up in that work, no doubt.
 Our last picture is a view of the house built to replace the castle during the late 1700's. So we are really in the garden looking back at the house.  It is not open to the public.

Until next time, happy rambles.