Regency Fashion For December

I am leaving tonight for a research trip to England. I will only be gone for a week, but I thought I would leave you with some December Fashions while I am rambling in Bath amongst other places. I promise to bring back lots of interesting information!

The first two pictures are early in the era, and not yet the official Regency, but enchanting nonetheless.

The first plate is from the December 1805 Lady's Monthy MuseumThe Walking Dress is a Straw Gipsey Hat, trimmed with French Gray. Morning Dress, Spotted Muslin. Habit Shirt of the same. Cloak of Black Velvet, trimmed with Deep Lace. Swandown Muff and Buff Gloves. Buff Boots.
And the Evening dress
Of White Satin, Silver Tassels. Crimson Shawl, tied close round the Neck. Deep White Lace Veil. White Muff and Gloves.

This second plate is from a year later, December 1806 and also from the Lady's Monthly Museum. Beneath the shawl you can clearly see the high waist and low neck that we have come to associate with this era.

For the morning a White Muslin short Dress, trimmed with Lace round the Bottom—A Grey Pelisse of Georgian Cloth—Embossed Velvet Bonnet the same Colour—Silver Bear Muff.

The full dress is quite magnificent with the crimson shawl, don't you think. It is described as a White Sarsnet Round Dress with a long Train, and ornamented with Lace—Long Shawl of Crimson Silk—Hair fashionably Dressed—Swansdown Muff—White Kid Gloves and Shoes.

I thought I would do something from later in the period and given the holiday season I am adding the Christmas Pellisse from December 1818, almost at the end of the Regency. You have seen this one before, I know, but it is a favorite. It also gives us a good sense of how the styles had changed.

I will be back in a week or so, and will hopefully have some images of Britain that can tie into my flora and fauna post for December, and with any luck some interesting stuff about Jane Austen's Bath. Until then. Happy Rambles.