Regency Fashion ~ August

by Ann Lethbridge

Friday turned out to be quite eventful. The postman brought three books to my door. The French versions of The Rake's Inherited Courtesan.

I absolutely love the cover! It is so different to the UK and North American Cover which you see on the right bar, but it is just as nice. In fact, to me it realy is evocative of at least one of the scenes in the book. And I adore the title. All right, so I can't read more than a few words, but this is my first foreign version of a book so I am sure you don't begrudge me a little excitement.

Here is the deal, firstreader from France to comment on the blog, gets one of my three copies.

Now enough of this writerly stuff I hear you say. We want Fashio. And your wish is my command.

This is from pre Regency, but still in our long Regency period and is taken from the Ladies Monthly Museum.

As you can see, it is called undress, but clearly these ladies are out in the garden or perhaps in the park. Not the sunshade, which looks to me if could just as easily serve to keep the rain off, which they must be expecting with all those layers.

First Figure: Village hat of straw or chip, with cap, and flowers in front, underneath the hat; black net cloak with lace trimming; and white cambric muslin robe.

Second Figure: Grecian bonnet of straw or white muslin, with lilac trimming; Jersey jacket with worked or printed border; pale blue gloves and straw coloured shoes.

I like the term village hat, don't you, very evocative of summers in the country. I'm not sure what is Grecian about the other bonnet.?

Our next offering is well into the Regency ~ August 1816.

From La Belle Assemblee

Round, high dress of fine cambric, or jacconet muslin, ornamented at the bottom with four rows of Vandyke trimming of rich embroidery, surmounted by a flounce vandyked at the edge. Full sleeves of muslin, à la Duchesse de Berri, confined by bands of embroidered cambric, and surmounted by imperials wings of clear muslin. Treble ruff of broad lace, and sash of muslin, the ends trimmed with lace of a Vandyke pattern. Bonnet of leghorn ornamented with ears of Indian corn, and turned up slightly in the front. Shoes of lilac kid. The hair in full curls, dressed forward.

Talk about fussy. But so pretty. Delicious and feminine. This is definitely one I can see one of my characters wearing. Note to self. Write a book set in 1816.

Can't wait.

Until next time, Happy Rambles