Stourhead Continues

by Michele Ann Young

We are in the middle of our January thaw, with a couple of days of very mild weather, but the weatherman kindly assures us it will not continue.

It seems appropriate, therefore, to resume our ramble around Stourhead and forget about the climate.

Here we have the Pantheon as promised.

‘Few buildings exceed the magnificence, taste and beauty of this temple’
- Horace Walpole

The Pantheon is the garden's largest and most important building, we saw it in my earlier pictures. It sits on the edge of the lake and can be seen from all different angles as one walks.

Its interior is equally magnificent, with marble statues and reliefs set around the main circular hall.

It was designed by architect Henry Flitcroft, and built in 1753-4, and no doubt provided an impressive setting for Henry Hoare II’s picnics and summer parties. And yes, if you think you recognized it from Pride and Predjudice - you are right.

This is the temple, called after The Temple of Apollo.

Remember we saw it in one of my earlier pictures. It stands at the western edge of the garden up on a hill.

It was built in 1765 by Flitcroft, inspired by the circular temple of Baalbec in Syria.

Apollo is the sun god without whom no garden can flourish.

Actually I'm feeling a bit like a sunless garden myself at the moment. Roll on spring.

This last picture is of a cascade or waterfall. It is one of those things that one just comes across. Another one of Stourhead's surprises

There are more to come.

Until next time, happy rambles