Writer's Corner

Fashion for the month will be here in the next post but here are a couple of fun links for those of you who are writers.

Ever wondered about all the technical terminology a writer needs to know, in addition to needing to write a book. Tom's Glossary explains them all.

A couple of for examples right from the top

ADVANCE: A secret code signalling to the marketing department whether or not to promote a title.

ADVANCE COPY: A bound book that when opened by an editor will instantly expose an embarrassing mistake.

AUTHOR: A large class of individuals (approximately three times as numerous as readers) serving a promotional function in book marketing or providing make-work for editorial interns.

AUTHOR TOUR: A hazing ritual intended to make authors compliant to their publishers.

And just in case you are not having fun yet, I think this link all about copyediting Shakespeare will make you smile. I hasten to add that I have never ever run into anything like this with my editor, so it is easier for me to laugh about this one.

Have a great weekend and until next time, Happy Rambles.