Regency Fashion for December

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat Please put a penny in the old man's hat If you haven't got a penny and ha'penny will do, If you haven't got a ha'penny, God bless you.

An old song, but one we still remember and that reminds us to be charitable in this time of feasting.

A carriage dress from La Belle Assemblee 1813.

It is quite beautiful.

Thanks to Sue, whose comment you will find below, here is the description!

Kutusoff Mantle. Pink or scarlet cloth mantle, trimmed with a broad velvet ribband to correspond, a spenser of the same materials, one sleeve of which is concealed by the folds of the mantle; the collar, which is high and puckered, fastened at the throat with a broach; and a long lappel, which ends in a point, falls considerably over the left shoulder.

A Kutusoff hat of pink or scarlet cloth, turned up in front, with a little corner to the right side, ties under the chin, and is finished with a pink or scarlet feather; a full puffing of lace or net is seen underneath. Plain cambric high dress, and pink or scarlet leather half boots.

Our readers will be able to form a much better idea of this very elegant mantle from our Plate than from description; its effect upon a tall and graceful figure is amazingly striking, and it is, for the carriage costume, decidedly the most elegant cloak that we have seen for some seasons back, and does the greatest credit to the tasteful fancy of its inventress, Miss Powell, successor to Mrs. Franklin, Piccadilly.

This is a morning gown from:
The Ladies Monthly Museum, 1799

Here you see the classic look and the very high waist, but a surprisingly dark bodice.

This is an unusual print because it shows the back and the front of the same gown and is described as follows.

Demi corset of black or coloured velvet, lined and trimmed with blue silk. Bonnet a la Repentir, of black velvet trimmed with blue, and deep lace veil. White muslin or chintz dress. Slate-coloured gloves, bear muff, and purple shoes.

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