Regency Advertisements

La Belle Assemblee is a positive mine of information about what our Regency Ladies and Gentlemen might be interested in purchasing.  I thought it might be interesting to add these to my posts from time to time. Here is one for what we would call instant coffee.

Coffee Made in One Minute

Hawkins and Dunn's

Sold at their Manufactory, No. 79 Great Titchfield Streed, Mary-le-Bone, London and by various Grocers, Druggists, etc. in Town and Country in half pint bottles
  • Turkey.....5s 0d
  • Bourbon...3s 6d
  • Plantation...2s 6d
                                                                             (including the bottle)

To make a cup of coffee no other trouble is required than merely to put about a teaspoon full of the Essence into a coffee cup, with the usual quantity of milk and sugar, and fill it with hot water.

The Essence is sold without sugar when wanted for immediate use; the half pint bottle containing one pound three ounces of coffee.

The Essence is also sold mixed with sugar for Hot Climates and for long keeping; the half pint bottle in that case containing one pound of coffee and six ounces of sugar at the same prices as above.

As good coffee cannot be made without pure water, Hawkins and Dunn have provided filtering vessels at four shillings and upwards.

Well I for one was surprised.

And I enjoyed this little Gem under the heading


Lately at sea, Mr W. Clark, Captain of the Rebeca, privateer, of Folkstone, who, by frequent practice, had acquired the art of throwing the lead with his teeth father than almost any man could do with his hands; and in his last attempt, from having lost his balance, he fell a sacrifice to his dexterity.

Until next time, Happy Rambles