Gosh, blogger has changed again. Hopefully this post will work the way it is meant to.
First, my  book, the Haunting of Beresford Abby is finished and sent in. Yay! So I can get back to chatting. I find I get very focussed when I am at the end of a book, and can't do anything else, so if you noticed I was missing, that was why.
Second, Contest finals

Lady Rosabella's Ruse is a finalist in the Greater Detroit Booksellers Best Awards, results will happen at the RWA National Conference in July

And both the Gamekeeper's Lady and Captured for the Captain's Pleasure are finallists in the Golden Quill Contest run by the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA.

The results of this will be announced in June. Two books in one contest, now that is quite extraordinary.
Thanks so much to the judges who obviously liked these stories.

Thirdly, and by no means last

Here is the cover for my July Book.  The Laird's Forbidden Lady.  Now, what do you think of the cover?  Yummy scruff of beard, do you think?

This book is available June 19 in some places and July 1 in others depending on how the scheduling works for the format, location you choose.

That is it. You are all caught up, so we can get back to regular programming. Until next time, Happy Rambles