Old Devon Continued

Hah, did no one notice my silly mistake?

Another question. Are you ready for the big climb?

I'm diggin' the mac, by the way. I look a bit like an escapee from a detective show.  This is only one of the many hills to climb in Clovelly. And maybe I'm looking for a lost boat. They do turn up in the oddest places.

<<-----Look up                                                                      
                                                       Look down--->>

Look out!

No, I mean look out at the view!

How about seeing that from your window every morning. I can imagine how wild and bleak it is during a storm or during the winter.  I will post a few more pictures for those of you who like this sort of stuff, without comment, since there really isn't much to add, then next time talk a little more about life in the village.

So blogger being blogger and time being time, I have stopped trying to move them and you have them in one long row. Hope you enjoyed. We have more to learn about the village, but this is all about how pretty it is.