Return of the Prodigal Gilvry

In stores now. This is the last book in the Gilvrys of Dunross Series. Each book can be read alone but you may not want to miss each brothers story. I am sad to be saying goodbye to them, I must say.
The e-book will be able on May 1 and is available for preorder.

BEHIND THE HIGHLANDER'S SCARS… Reeling from betrayal, the once devastatingly handsome Andrew Gilvry has returned to Scottish shores to fulfill a promise made to a dying man. The widowed Rowena MacDonald has been entrusted to his care, and Drew must do all he can to protect her…. LIES A DARK PASSION! But Drew's honor is about to be tested—because there's something in Rowena's dove-gray eyes that awakens a flame long extinguished. And on a perilous journey across the Highlands, with only this alluring woman for company, how long can he deny his desires?

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