Regency Houses ~ Saltram

Since no one guessed about the hole in the windowsill a couple of posts ago, I can tell you that it was a place to tip out the water used for bathing.

There was also a servants area upstairs, a room they used while working in the bedrooms to store linens and undertake other tasks out of sight. Known as the Service Room, some remedial cleaning would have also taken place here, shoes and boots. Perhaps the odd bit of mending.

Here are two storage areas, one inside the small room and one just outside on the landing.  These would have been full of linens, sheets, pillowslips etc. all waiting for someone to freshen up beds

 Some more tools of the trade of the upstairs maid. A bowl and a water can.  A drying rack or clothes horse. this one holds a carpet and since there was also a carpet beater hanging on the wall, see below, perhaps rugs were beaten in here also? maybe when it was raining.

And of course the delightful tin bath ready to be carried into to the bedroom of a guest or the master or mistress at a moments notice.

The table would have come in handy for the odd bit of polishing of a candlestick, and perhaps the housekeeper might have sat here while she inventoried her linens and noted what had to be repaired.
As promised here is our trusty carpet beater made out of cane.

Finally the view down into the courtyard. I suspect the master and mistress wouldn't want their servants day dreaming about the splendid vistas to be seen from other rooms in the house.\

Until next time happy rambles.