Fashion for January 2014

Today's offering is a Morning Carriage Dress from the December edition of La Belle Assemblee.

It think this outfit would have been perfect for February too. The description is as follows.

 Pelisse of the fashionable blue cloth, fastened down the front with small flaps, edged with silk trimming to correspond, in a manner that is perfectly novel, and that has a very singular effect; the cuff is also ornamented to correspond. 

A very small cottage bonnet, composed of white satin, and of a most becoming and novel shape; the front, which is very small, displays a rich quilling of lace to correspond with the triple lace ruff.

 The bonnet on the front is ornamented with a white satin ribband, which is so disposed as to have the appearance of a small wreath of white flowers; a white soft ribband ties it in a very full bow under the chin. Cloth half-boots to correspond with the dress. York tan gloves, and a seal-skin muff and tippet, finishes this dress.

Our modern day preferences would no doubt have us omitting the fur accoutrements, but since this is history, we include them.

Until Next time, Happy Rambles.