Royal Weddings, family weddings and more

It came as quite a surprise when I discovered that the story I did for the Royal Wedding last April, is now coming out with the other stories as a print anthology in the UK.  It's a bit like getting the wedding cake out of the freezer on the first anniversary, I suppose. 

For those of you in North America, I know you will be hugely disappointed to learn that this print version is only available in the UK.  Sigh. Oh but wait! You can order it from The Book Depository, no shipping charged for delivery.  Yay!

What do you think of the new cover, as against the generic one for the e-book? Just a bit tasty don't you think?

So back before Christmas I said I would publicly track my progress on this cross-stitch project as a way of motivating me to get it done!  This is the photo I took at the end of January. Now if you look very very carefully, and compare to the last picture (as if you would) you will see that the outside border is finished, beads and all. And I have rolled it upwards a fraction to start on the embellishment to the fountain scene. 

I have been working away during February on that scene and will post another picture at the end of the month.  And just to brag a wee bit, I also made the dress. I love the smocking part, but have to force myself to construct the garment. This one with its lack of sleeves went together very well.

I just returned from a delightful family wedding in Trinidad, hence the lack of posts, accompanied by a bit of fun in the sun on the Island of Tobago.  While the weather was a bit on the damp side, it was lovely to meet up with old friends and catch up on all the family gossip.

In true Royal Wedding tradition, I wore my fascinator.  Felt like a Princess for a day.

There you have it, what I have been up to since you saw me last. Next we return to our regular programming.  Until then, Happy Rambles.

Royal Wedding Celebration

Yes, this is the week we celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the Royal couple.

If you want to meet the authors and hear about the stories for this unique one of a kind series from Harlequin, you can find us at the e-Harlequin blog all this week, starting with Henry and Eleanor of Aquitane's stormy relationship today.

I suppose I should mention that there are prizes to be won?  Not that it is a bribe or anything, but you can win a prize if you follow the link and make a comment on the Harlequin Blog. The more you comment, the more chance you have of winning.

I will be getting up before the crack of dawn to join in the celebrations and I plan to have a little champagne on hand to drink their health and wish them well.

How will you be celebrating or marking this auspicious occasion? Or will you?