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To some, until recently that might have seemed like an oxymoron, but more and more we are seeing a change. No more are we satisfied with the catwalk thin models. And that Dove video that showed us a digitally altered perfectly beautiful young woman and how it was impossible for any human to aspire to that image. Some stores are even refusing to carry the very small 'model' sizes any more.

All of this played into my idea for No Regrets and a heroine who was not the slender beauty expected in her day and she worried about it.

Were they worried about weight in the Regency? Was “thin in” then?
Well just look at those gowns. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were well endowed? The beauties of the day...all thin, take Caroline Lamb. The caricatures of the day...happily ridiculed anyone who was overweight—the Prince Regent and his brothers, women falling downstairs. All the women in the fashion plates were pencil slim. You only have to browse through this blog to see it. They had fad diets too! Water biscuits and vinegar. Cold potatoes. Some of the men even wore corsets.

And the Prince of Wales, later King George the fourth rejected his wife because she was fat among other things.

How many of us have wondered, when we are the only person not invited onto the dance floor. What is wrong with me.Are we too fat, or too short, or not pretty. No matter how gifted we are, how kind, or generous, it is all about the packaging. Caro, my heroine, is tormented by the same kind of self-doubts.

I hope my book captures those feelings of insecurity, as well as provides a great read and after some serious trials and tribulations, a satisfying conclusion.

Night Owl Book Reviews
As a reader of historical romance I find it hard to give an author a 5, yet some authors get past me and make me believe in them. Michele Ann Young did this for me with No Regrets. I loved that she didn’t go with the usual heroine but created one who had faults and doubts about her beauty. Most of all is that she is not rail thin or with perfect vision. No, Caroline is your slightly overweight heroine who just wants what any good marriage should have and that is love. She is loyal to her friends and has vulnerability in her that only Lucas can help her with. These two characters were great to read Not only are the main characters great, but also the secondary characters were wonderful to read. What I liked most was that love does prevail above everything, making you believe that it still exists whether your thin, beautiful or even an average spirited person. Great job to Michele Young and can’t wait for more of your novels. 5/5

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