Regency Writer Returns

I'm back. I sure missed you all!!

The weather in England changes more often than I change my socks and I did that twice a day. Bath was bliss. No, not a bath or bathing, but the City of Bath. I took lots of pictures and did lots of research so have a good chunk to share with you coming up over the few weeks.

But today is a writer day. There is nothing as exciting as seeing your novel on the shelves in a store - or perhaps there is, after all. That is seeing your novel on a table in the middle of the store, which is how it is in my local Indigo Bookstore here in Richmond Hill. Yes, I did stand the book up. I thought it looked nicer that way.

Not only is there a pile on the table, but there is a pile under the table too. Here is the picture to prove it. That, my dear is a pile. I almost had a heart attack when I saw how many that had brought in. Now I will be running down there every couple of days to see if the pile went down at all. Men in little white coats will probably come and cart me off for some quiet time, if I am not careful.

I'm also going to leave some bookmarks inside them as a thank you to whoever buys my book....

Good heavens, while I was away, Fall turned into Winter and we have snow up the wazoo. That really was a surprise, since it was warm enough to walk around in a light jacket on the other side of the pond. Talk about a nice warm welcome home. brrrr.

This is a photo of my quietest fan, Teaser. Since he loves that I stay home with him all day, he was most disgruntled when I abandoned him for a week. Teaser believes he is a cat. Look at the way he is sitting on the back of the sofa. Dogs don't do that! And while I am writing he insists on his own chair right alongside mine. Any day now, he will decide to write his own stories. I can tell from the look in his eye.

OK, coming next, Jane Austen's Bath, Regency Bath, All things bright and Bath and probably some Christmas in Bath and the Regency. Until then~~ Happy Rambles.