Regency Library - Saltram

Saltram's Library is one of those amazing places in a house where you would like to be invited to spend an afternoon. Especially at this time of year.  While it isn't a small space, it has a very warm feel about it.

This first view gives a sense of its size and shape. Originally it was two rooms, the wall being where the columns are now with one are being the dining room. The guidebook says that at the end of the nineteenth century new book presses were set into the walls.  This was the first time I have seen them called book presses and I have been unable to locate a source for this description.  A description from the period describes them as bookcases.

The current arrangements date from 1819, so during the Regency.

The next pictures  shows the door which is open. When it is closed it would appear to look like any of the walls  of shelves. The books all date from the first Earl of Morley's time and contain a large collection of prints and original drawings. Note that the cornices and pediments to the book cases were added in the 20th century
Here are some more views you may enjoy. It is thought that the fireplaces and  over-mantel mirrors were purchased during the family's trip to France in 1818.
Until next time, Happy Rambles.