Regency Fashion April 1815

Morning Gown
Ackermann's April 1815

I loved the addition of the parrot to this picture. And the description contains a word that jumped out at me:

A loose robe of fine cambric or worked jaconet muslin, over a petticoat of the same, flounced with French trimming; long full sleeve, confined at the wrist with treble drawings, and ornamented with corresponding trimming. 

The robe, or negligée of demi-length, is confined at the top by a narrow collar, or gathered into a Vandyke ruff, and is worn with a coloured silk handkerchief, tied carelessly round the neck, and is fastened down the front with bows and tassels. 

A mob cap, composed of net and Brussels lace, decorated with a cluster of flowers, and bows of satin ribbon. 

Hair curled in the neck. 

Slippers or sandals of pale tan-coloured kid. Gloves en suite.

Negligée, translated as robe, to me means night attire, as in bedroom attire, so I was interested to see the use of it in this context.  I also really liked the demi-length of it and was interested to see that is described as being over a petticoat, rather than a gown. Definitely something I will want to use in a story.

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