Regency Fashion - January 2014

We are now well into the Regency of George Prince of Wales period and of course in the depths of the English winter.  Nothing like the kind of winter we have the northern parts of North America, still warm clothing is a wise thing.

This Promenade costume from an Ackerman plate looks toasty.

A Plain cambric robe, with long gathered sleeve and high arched collar, trimmed with net lace or muslin. A Spanish lapelled coat of fine orange Merino cloth; full epaulette ornaments on the shoulders: the whole lined throughout with white sarsnet, and trimmed with a raised border of white velvet or swansdown. 

A small, provincial bonnet of the same material as the coat, ornamented with full curled ostrich feather. White spotted ermine or Chinchilli muff. Gloves grey or light blue kid. Half-boots of orange-coloured jean or velvet.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.