Regency Fashion for August

by Ann Lethbridge
A fun reminder that the Anthology New Voices
is out this month. You won't see this kind of cover on my blog very often, so I hope you enjoy. My story is called The Governess and the Earl. I do hope you will check it out.

While this book is out in print in the UK you can find it in all the usual on line places in North America too. Here is the link for the UK
New Voices

Now to the important stuff.

From the Ladies Magazine for August 1810

A morning dress of white Indian muslin with high front and collar, edged with lace, and confined with silk buttons from the throat to the feet. A yellow silk pelisse trimmed with broad white lace, and lined with pink sarscenet. Woodland straw bonnet, with yellow and pink feather. A cottage cap of lace, ornamented with an artificial white rose. Pink sandal shoes; with yellow kid gloves.

The Evening Dress is described as a white frock of French cambric, with short plain sleeves. A long scarf of light blue silk; a turban composed of the same, and white satin. Jewels, sapphire, and gold. Gloves and shoes of white kid.

The scarf is indeed long.

This one is from the Ladies Magazine for 1800.

While we do not have a description of this plate as we do of some others here are some of the remarks relevant to this costume.

Nothing is now so elegant as a straw hat of open work, thick- set with points of plaited straw

The medallions, called breviaries, and the chains from their crossing called saltiers, are much worn:

In plain silks, jonquil is the prevailing colour.

And that is all we have for now. Until next time, Happy Rambles.