Fashion for July

I have a couple of July Fashions to share, one this week one next.  I am not being stingy, but all this takes a bit of time to get in shape, and I am supposed to be writing the next Gilvry's of Dunross story.  You did realize that Book 2 is out now I hope. Ahem, just a little reminder.

Oldenburgh Dinner Dress.

            French white satin slip, decorated round the bottom with a rich blond lace, and headed with a superb pearl trimming: a wreath of laurel leaves formed of pearls, in an angle in the front of the slip. The trimming is perfectly novel, and the effect of it is more elegant than can be conceived from the engraving which we have given. Over the slip is a short Russian robe of white crape, open front, edged round with a rich pearl trimming to correspond with the slip; the wreaths which ornament the robe is formed of pearls also, to correspond. The front of the dress is formed in a most novel and tasteful style, peculiar to the inventress, Mrs. Bell.
The back continues full, and the waist very short. Crape long sleeve, trimmed with pearl bands at regular distances. Small lace cap, superbly decorated with pearls, and finished with tassels to correspond; a fancy flower is placed to the side. The form of this cap is extremely elegant, exquisitely tasteful, and becoming. A white satin Chapeau Bras, ornamented with a spread eagle on the crown, worked in chenille, is indispensable. The hair is worn up a-la-Grecque on the left side, where it is fastened in a full knot.
Gloves and slippers of white kid. Plain ivory fan.

 This really is a pretty gown. Hope you enjoy, until next time, Happy Rambles.