Saltram Part 2

We started in the stable block.  Horses were so important at this time, so I always like to take a peek inside and here we discovered some other interesting things.

Here we have two examples of early fire pumps, they cannot be called engines since they are manual, the first one, on the right would be carried like a sedan chair. The second one a much larger model is on wheels and would have been pulled by a horse. As you can see, they did not hold very much water. Larger version were used in London.,

Here a view of the stables, and an empty stall. You will have to imagine their equine inhabitants.

 As you can see above and below each stall had the name of the horse who lived there. I liked the bright airy feel of the place.

Well that's all for this time. Until next time, Happy rambles.

Here is the stable block, on the other side of the pond.