Writing Life Update and a Regency Story

PS: I just learned the comments got turned off by mistake on this post. Many apologies. Have now fixed. Of course I want your comments. Best wishes

It has been a while since I posted any writing news, but with the hunt for chocolate a sweet recollection and after a fun day spent with family, I thought it was probably time. In addition to that, of course, I have news.

I am issuing my newsletter, as well as making several appearances over the next two months, a book signing, two talks which will include booksignings, and probably my favorite thing the Historical Novel Society annual conference where I will get to sign books with Bernard Cornwall and Diana Gabaldon. Okay, so I don't expect a long line up at my desk, but it will be quite a thrill and hence the picture of a Highlander and some soldiers of the 95th Rifles.

Upcoming Events

April 28, 2007 2pm - 5pm Booksigning at Chapters in Woodbridge on Highway 7

May 10, 2007 6:30 pm I will be at the Richmond Hill Central Public Library speaking on Weaving History and Romance into the modern genre novel

May 17, 2007 6: 30 pm I will be at the Stouffville Public Library chatting about novels along with my good friend Kimberly Howe.

June 9, 2007 4pm I will be in Albany New York at the Historical Novel Society Annual conference and will be signing books with Bernard Cornwall and Diana Gabaldon, and a host of other historical authors. How big a thrill is that! I will also be pitching a series of adventure stories set in the peninsular war.

Also this month I am also issuing my first Regency Rambler Quarterly Review issued four time a year because that is what quarterly means, right? Anyway, each issue will contain news about my writing, information about events, signings and such, and a dreamscape minibyte about some event during the Regency.

What is a dreamscape-minibyte? Well I just invented it. And it is a small story about an historical event. There will be some returning characters and new ones depending on the event.

I start with the birth of the (eventual) Prince Regent, so my timeframe is a bit longer that the Regency in its strictest interpretation and that gives me lots of minibytes I can write for you.

These dreamscape-minibytes will only appear in my newsletter. To subscribe and get your fictionalized serialized look at 200 years ago use the sign up form in the sidebar or go to Yahoo Groups and look for Regency Ramble.