February News

The fashion post will remain up for a week or so and I may try to post the odd tidbit while I am away. I have just lost a very close family member, and while I hate not to post, I will be flying to England in the next day or so, and have many arrangments to make. My mother-in-law aka Grannie, will be greatly missed by all of those whose lives she touched. She was a great supporter of mine, and I am truly grateful that she was able to read my first book. She was wonderful to our children, she came every summer to be with them, and she made many friends here. She had a good life, a happy life and brought sunlight into everyone's hearts.
I apologise to my regular readers, but you are all such wonderful people I know will will forgive me and you will return in a week or so, when I promise you many more Regency Rambles.
Best wishes
Michele Ann Young