Interview with a Rake

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None of the women at an "anything goes" house party catches Garth Evernden's jaded eye. The only one worth noting is a covered-up lady's companion with an intriguing hint of exotic beauty the eighth Baron Stanford would like to uncover…

Miss Lethbridge:   Here we are readers, at this elegant country house not far from the Kent coast where a group of rather risque ladies and gentlemen have gathered for a week or two of "fun".  At the moment, I am lying in wait for Lord Stanford, Garth Evernden, a well-known man about town.  (Smiles sweetly at the tall dark gentlemen trying to avoid her.)  Good morning Baron Stanford, isn`t it rather early for you to be up and about?

Lord Stanford:  (Impatient sigh.) Excuse me. I am rather busy at the moment. Looking for someone.

Miss Lethbridge:  (Sneaky smile. Oh goody, we are going to get some dirt. My editor will be pleased.) Really? And who would that be?

Lord Stanford:  (dark eyebrow raised) Not the sort of thing I am in the habit of revealing, madame.

Miss Lethbridge:  I thought you hated this sort of contrived  "naughtiness" where people pretend to be wicked, Garth? May I call you Garth?

Garth: (a rather bored expression crosses his face) If you wish. If I am going to be honest, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a certain young lady. He looks around. She is the wife of a good friend of mine.

Miss Lethbridge:   Isn't that rather disloyal?  (I realize I am frowning at him and try to merely look interested. I realize by the flash of anger in his eyes I am not doing a very good job.)  Er... so that is who you are looking for this morning?

Garth:  That is who I was looking for when I arrived here yesterday.  (His smile becomes rather wolfish and I take a step back) I don't think she was all that happy to see me.

Miss Lethbridge: That pleases you?

Garth:  It's a place to start. At least I have her attention.

Miss Lethbridge:  But if you are not looking for her this morning, who are you looking for?

Garth:  Our hostess's companion, Rose. I caught her sneaking into the house last night. There is something going on with that young lady.

Miss Lethbridge: And that intrigues you, does it?

Garth:  Look, despite that she is a funny old stick, I like Lady Keswick . If this companion of hers, Rose, is up to no good, I think she ought to be warned.  And if she is up for night time assignations, then...well...  Yes, I'm intrigued. Under those widows weeds is a flower that is both  exotic and secretive. What is she hiding? .

Miss Lethbridge: So now you are in pursuit of two women?

Garth:  (wicked grin).  You didn't actually think I was going to give the plot away, did you? 

 I was hoping.   He brushes past me and heads for the breakfast room, where uninvited reporters are not permitted. Blast.  Perhaps I will get more information out of Mrs Rose Travenor. Perhaps I should hide in the garden and wait for her to appear.  And if I learn anything, anything at all, you Dear Reader, will be the first to know. Tune in again next time.  Until then, Happy Rambles

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