Fashion for February 1817

From the The Ladies Monthly Museum For February 1817


Is made of a beautiful coloured sarsnet, worn over a white satin slip; the waist very short, and low in the bust; the sleeves short and full, falling much over the shoulders and low in the back, above which is worn a frill of blond lace; round the waist is a sash of satin ribband, fastened in a bow in front.

The skirt of this beautiful dress is ornamented with a deep trimming of net, and rows of coloured satin, which produces a light and beautiful effect, particularly in the ball-room.

The hair is parted in front, and falls on each side in soft ringlets, and the head surmounted with a plume of white feathers. White kid gloves, and white satin shoes. We can recommend this dress to our fair readers who are in the bloom of youth, as a most becoming and fascinating acquisition of its kind.


A round dress of cambric muslin, the body of the gown made high, long sleeves, the skirt finishing with a Vandyke flounce. Pelisse of rich scarlet silk-velvet, worn high in the neck, and finishing with a puckered cape of satin and velvet; the waist short, and bound with a silk cord, and tassel; the sleeve is made full at the shoulder, and finishes at the wrist with a trimming of satin and silk cord; the skirt is made full, and of a moderate walking length, lined with white satin, and finished with a rich trimming of spotted vandyked ermine.

Close French bonnet, ornamented with a plume of feathers, and trimmed with satin ribband, corresponding with the pelisse, lined with white satin. With this dress is worn a muff, to suit with the trimming of the pelisse.

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To Rose, the sensation of being held remained a novel experience. Few people in her life had put their arms around her as far as she recalled. And only this man had ever embraced her with such gentle care. His touch seemed to reach into her very soul. And the way his kisses made her feel was heaven on earth.

A heaven she hadn’t known existed, or that it could be shared with another. Her body trembled and yearned and her heart seemed to want to pound itself free of her chest. She twined her arms around his neck, for support and because she wanted to touch him, too. The feel of his silky hair against her fingers was enchanting and wicked.