Contest For Regency Readers

Do you love the Regency era. Would you like a copy of my novel "Pistols at Dawn"?

Enter my contest. I have 8 books waiting for eight lucky winners

It's easy and it's fun and you will be bringing a Regency novel to other readers in your area.
Best of all, it's free.

Here is how it works:
  • Drop into your local library request a copy for their shelves and then send me email with your mailing address to —- —- when it arrives on the stacks. Provide me with the name of the library, so I can check it out on line
  • Each month I will draw one copy of my book from those who have successfully ordered a copy of my book for their local library.
  • Everyone eligible for the draw will be reentered each month, for the next six months.
  • Of course, some libraries already have copies on their shelves. For those of you who check and discover my novel already on the stacks, I will hold two draws, one in December and another in March.

Not only will you introduce a new author to your friends and neighbors and the people in your town, and let me tell you, the reviews are great, check out my website to see a sample, but you will have a chance to own your very own copy.

Needless to say I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon. I you have questions, feel free to post a comment or send an e-mail.

I will post the contest reminder once a month, will acknowledge your entries as they come in, and announce the winners of the draw on the blog and on my website.

Good luck.