More RWA 2014

It is always great to come away from a conference feeling inspired. RWA 2014 did that for me.

Not only did a friend Molly O'Keefe win the RITA, the most prestigious award of all in the Romance Writers world, Go Molly but I attended several really great sessions that will help me moving forward.

And who could not enjoy San Antonio with its river walk wandering through the centre of downtown and all those marvellous historic sites (more about them later).  And all the local people I met were just so darn friendly.  I felt right at home.

And if there were a couple of snags, like leaving my phone at home - eek all those people I am supposed to call and now I don't have their numbers and yes, I did sit in something in my new white pants -- all easily fixed. Now Fedex and dh are now the best of friends, and it is quite easy to do laundry in your hotel sink. Hotel soap makes a great detergent.

Oh and it was hot hot hot. Weather I mean. But a shady tree and a marguerita with lots of ice works wonders. (With a nap to follow.)

Here I am wandering the city after a visit to "the Alamo" historic site. The new white pants are back in the hotel drying off.

And thereis nothing like bumping into your glamourous editor in your hotel pool. umm. Oh well, she knows the crazy things my head, she might as well know what I look like in my swimsuit.

And then there were the parties.  Thank you Harlequin Mills and Boon.

The historical authors were taken to tea in the King William district and as always the Harlequin Party was amazing. Red socks this year. They must have known I planned to wear a red dress, don't you think?

Anyway I was having too good a time to take many pictures, but here is a glimpse into a writer's life (once a year anyway).

And I have to say I was so lucky to share my experience with my sister Erika this year. We had a blast.

Until next time…..

The Writer Returns

Okay, so a bit dramatic, but as I mentioned I was off at the Romance Writers of America Conference in San Francisco last week. Here is my book signing picture as proof. And yes, I am wearing a Regency gown, made by me, which I later wore to the Beaumonde soiree.

After travelling all day Sunday and somehow picking up a flue bug on the plane, I am only just now getting my head in order. So, apologizing profusely, I missed my Monday post. And today all I am going to do is tell you a bit about the conference. Tomorrow, I promise August fashions and then back to normal programing.

While in San Fransisco, I attended the Beaumonde conference and learned lots and lots, which of course I can't wait to share with you all, after we have finished our money segment. And one little bit about my trip to Wales this year. As a taste, here is a period saddle.

The Beaumonde sesssions covered a huge variety of information from weapons to saddles to riding to costumes. I could only attend a very few, but I took in the areas I felt I needed most.

The booksigning at Literacy was awesome. My first with RWA. I met with my agent, my editor, and my publisher. The authors had a wonderful dinner with Sourcebooks, editor and publisher and publicists. I was also part of a panel with my sisters from the American Title 2 contest. We talked about making a splash before you are published and we had a good number of attendees and very positive feed back. We are hoping to give the workshop again, either at conferences or or line. So that was very exciting.

We were also able to do a little bit of sightseeing, and in particular a trip to Napa Valley, Muir Woods and Sausalito. Here is a glimpse of husband and daughter outside a winery, with a wonderful view behind.

Now there are books to write and proposals to send in, so until next time, Happy Rambles.