New  covers are always exciting and scary. I am sure I have said this before.  On the left is the North American April Release for, The Gamekeeper's Lady,  and on the right the same book issued in the UK in December. Both do justice to my heroine, so I can stop holding my breath.  Oh, no! I can't, because there is a book out in May. More than a Mistress is a sequel to The Gamekeeper's Lady. Now I have to start holding my breath all over again.

The Gamekeeper's Lady

A most forbidden attraction! Frederica Bracewell grew up under a cloud of shame. As an illegitimate child, she was treated by her uncle like a servant. It isn't until she encounters the new gamekeeper that shy, innocent Frederica starts to feel like a true lady...Lord Robert Mountford has been banished by his family. After a debauched existence, he revels in the simplicity of a gamekeeper's lifestyle. Until temptation strikes! Frederica's plain appearance and stuttering speech are a far cry from the ladies of the ton, but she may just be his undoing...and unmasking! 

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