Kingston Lacy

What was it like for the servants in these great house.  Kingston Lacy provides us with a very interesting view.

Those outbuildings in an earlier post and which I repeat here, the laundry and drying room to the south (right) were designed and built in 1775-76.  While the the Kitchens, sculleries and store rooms to the north were enlarged in the 1780s. Interesting that the food was prepared outside the main house, and as was usual in these days, it was probably for fire prevention purposes.

  In the basement of the house of course we find the cellars, in this picture you can see barrels and bottles. There is also a butler's silver cupboard and the family Muniment Room which housed the banks family archives.

Other servants rooms include a housekeeper's room which is now used to display the William Banks Egyptian collection. (More on William to come later) and leading off what is called the back hall is also the servants' hall pictured on the left.  This lead out to the kitchen courtyard.

I thought you might enjoy this shot of a pheasant sitting on a tree branch in the grounds.  Next time we will have some information about William Banks and his adventures.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.