Rambling in Wales

Drive by Bloggin'

Because I am away and because I miss you, I thought i would blog here and there where I could.

After an excellent flight we arrived in Wales. Yesterday was a lovely day, and Father's Day here in Britain as well as in North America. It was a pretty afternoon, sunny and cloudy. My sister in law and I went for a long walk, in the countryside which is only steps from her house. I didn't take my camera - but that will be the last time I go anywhere without it. Remember my flora fauna blog, just last week, well I saw honeysuckle and dogroses and foxgloves all growing wild in the hedgerows. So I am feeling pretty good about that blog. I will be taking lots of pictures to share with you when I get back.

In the meantime here is one fashion picture for June as promised.

This is from the Cabinet of Fashion, June 1808

Fig. 1. Short dress of muslin; pelisse of fine cambric, and fashionable straw hat; yellow gloves.
Full Dress.-A round dress of pale pink sarsnet, covered with a stout robe of white crape, or net; a cap of white lace or net, and bows, ornamented with a red rose in front.

My next newsletter will be coming in July - so if you want to be sure to get a copy, you can sign up through the link posted at blogside (like curbside). Off to see the old mum tomorrow.

I will pop in for a visit later in the week and let you know what we have been doing. Until then, Happy Rambles