Fashion for February 1814

This is an evening gown from Ackerman's Repository for February 1814, described as an Evening or Dancing

The length clearly allows for some jigging about in those very energetic country dances.

A white crape petticoat, worn over gossamer satin, ornamented at the feet with rows of puckered net, with a centre border of blue satin or velvet, in puffs. 

A bodice of blue satin, with short full sleeves, and cuffs to correspond with the bottom of the dress. A full puckered border of net, or crape round the bosom. 

Stomacher and belt of white satin, with pearl or diamond clasp. 

Hair in disheveled curls, divided in front of the forehead, and ornamented with clusters of small variegated flowers; a large transparent Mechlin veil, thrown occasionally over the head, shading the bosom in front, and falling in graceful drapery beneath. 

Ear-rings, necklace and bracelets of Oriental pearl, or white cornelian.

 Slippers of white satin, with blue rosettes. White kid gloves; and fan of spangled crape and blue foil.

I like the idea of disheveled curls, don't you? 

Until next time......