Spring Fashions for April

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Fashions for April
Here are a few April fashions to wet your appetite, and there will be more on Monday.
These gowns are from 1806. The classic high waist and slender look of the early period. I love how familiar I am getting with these fashions as I bring them to you. These plates from from the Cabinet of Fashion April 1806 reprinted from Lady’s Monthly Museum April 1806. The first is a Walking dress and it is described: Straw Hat, trimmed with Swansdown. Pelisse of Black Velvet, with a deep Lace round the Bottom. Swansdown Tippet. Half Habit Shirt. Buff Gloves. Interesting about the shirt? The second is Full Dress, so afternoon or evening wear Hair fashionably drest; ornamented with a Silver Wreath. A Train of Pink Muslin; full Sleeves, looped up to the Shoulder, trimmed round the Bottom and Bosom with deep Lace; Pic-Nic Sleeves. White Shoes, Fan, and Ridicule.Ah, here we have the use of the term ridicule. It does of course mean reticule, the forerunner of the handbag or as north americans call it, the purse (English people call the thing you put coins in a purse. I have also heard it called a pocket book in various of the US states. Fascinating. What I wanted to point out, is the practicality of the hem-line of the walking dress as against the full dress. And I was surprised at the black.

April 1804 Fashions reprinted from The Lady’s Monthly Museum. Undress. Cambrick Biggin, to sit close to the head; Lace full round the face; trimmed with Lilac crape. Pink sarcenet wrap Robe. A Crape Handkerchief, to tie close to the Neck. Walking Dresses.
The first is a Cap of Buff Satin; white Veil twisted round the Front; one End to hang down on the left Side; a Bunch of Roses in Front, Round Dress of Buff Muslin, the Body made quite Plain; very low in the Back, and over the Bosom, a Lace Tucker drawn across the Bosom. White Tippet.
The second is a Spanish hat of Purple Velvet turned up in Front, and ornamented with Feathers of the same Colour. Robe of White Satin. Indian Shawl; Buff Gloves; Silver Bear Muff.The difference between the cap in the first one and the Spanish Hat in the second is to me quite startling. Oh and not keen on the idea of a silver bear muff. It is hard to see how one can really say a particular style was right or wrong. A bit like when I went shopping yesterday.

April 1808 Cabinet of Fashion The first a Dress of white satin, with robe of India silk, falling loosely from the shoulder; full sleeves. Turban of white satin, with ostrich feathers.
The second a Dress of fine muslin, made high over the bosom; the back full, with bows of ribband from the waist to the bottom of the train. Turban of crimson buff; white shoes and gloves.
The third a Dress of plain muslin; pelisse of silk, made without plaits; a small bonnet, to correspond with the pelisse. Dark shoes and gloves.This last group is gorgeous. The white satin has a lovely neckline and the India silk looks grey. [grey is in this year 2007 I hear.] Those bows on the second dress are adorable, not so good for sitting down maybe? And that silk pellisse is gorgeous. You can't see much of the gown, but that is a walking outfit because of the length.
That is it for me, tonight.
Here's wishing you all Happy Rambles and for those that celebrate, Happy Easter.