Saltram Part 5

This is the Velvet Drawing room, redecorated as it appeared on 1770, but missing most of its original red silk velvet hangings.

Quite stunning, I must say.  As you can see the walls are covered in pictures, just as they would have been in the late 18th century.

The smaller picture looks in the other direction towards the windows and shows a part of the ornate ceiling. I really like the gilded window seats.

This is a Boulle writing desk in the Louis XIV style.  It was greatly sought after and many pieces left France after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo.  My final piece of furniture is the fascinating scagliola table top decorated with rompe-l'oeil playing cards and a letter dated 1713. It is thought the game being played on this table is piquet.

For all its beauty and columns, there is yet more to come which is even more beautiful and luxurious.

Until Next Time, Happy Rambles.