Stourhead - Part of the sixth

by Ann

This must be the longest walk we have ever taken together. I do so enjoy your company.

I promised the Pantheon, but this is not it.

This is just the sweetest little cottage. I honestly do not know the history behind it. If anyone does, there is a prize waiting for you.

I'm guessing it was a sort of half way house where the owners could stop and have a cup of tea and pretend to be rustics, the way Marie Antoinette did, but I'd be more than pleased to have the true story.

So here we have our Temple dedicated to Apollo, the sun god and without whom no garden can flourish.

And the Pantheon

The Pantheon first called the Temple of Hercules, as its interior is dominated by a marble statue of Hercules by Rysbrack whose biceps were apparently modelled on Jack Broughton,'the father of English boxing'.

Other statues lining the curved wall below the dome are St Susanna; Diana, goddess of hunting; Flora, goddess of gardens; Livia Augusta, wife of Emperor Augustus; Meleager, Atalanta’s lover and god of hunting; and Isis an Egyptian goddess. You can see a picture of the inside here at the National Trust Website

And so we continue on our journey.

Until next time, Happy Rambles