Regency Fashion for March 1817

Morning and Evening Gown from the Ladies Monthly Museum March 1817.


 Of coloured bombazine, made high in the neck, full cape composed of three rows of satin, the skirt trimmed with the same material; the sleeves long, closed at the wrist, and finished with three rows of satin trimming; the waist is worn very short, and bound with a sash of satin ribband; the skirt rather full, and of a moderate length.

A cap of satin, or lace trimmed with rich blond, and ornamented with bows of satin ribband in front, and at the crown of the head; round the throat a frill composed of rich blond lace.

 In higher circles, beautiful Leghorn bonnets, with lower crowns and deeper fronts, already form the leading shape, whether for the promenade, or dress visit.

 THE EVENING DRESS. Composed of white satin, worn low in front; round the bosom and shoulders a rich trimming of satin and lace; the skirt ornamented with five or six rows of rich blond lace; the waist very short, and to fall rather low from the shoulders; at the centre of the bosom a bow of satin; the sleeves short and full.

A turban composed of white satin, finished on one side with an ornament of satin and a couple of tassels; the hair full, and parted in front.

Pearl necklace, white kid gloves, and white satin shoes.