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Regency London

It is always fun to have something new to show and tell, but I did promise you a blog so staying with Hampstead Heath, I next walked to Keats House

Keats became much better known after his death and it makes me feel quite sad to know that such a talented young man died young, age 25, died almost alone, and was unrequited in love. The woman  he loved lived in the same house in a separate apartment. He lived here from 1818 to 1820 and it was where he wrote his most intensely moving poems.

 It is a small house and very peaceful, even though it is surrounded by a subdivision of houses.

It was not the happiest afternoon for me, I think I found it to affecting that someone so talented should have so little time.

There is lots to be read about Keats, his work, his life, but I don't think I wish to do more than show where he lived.
So that is all from me tonight.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.