The Gilvry Series - Tying it up

If you are wondering at my absence, and I do hope you are, I had a deadline. The last book in the Gilvrys of Dunross Series was due mid-September.  This series has an overarching plot. A couple of  mysteries that build in each book.  One of those mysteries is, what happened to Drew, the 2nd oldest brother? And what happened to Drew ties up another mystery running through all four books.
This is the first time I have attempted keeping such a specific plot line, which is a mystery, going through several books. I learned some things.
  • It is a hard thing to do if you don't actually plot
  • Since each book has to stand alone as a complete romance, you cannot focus too much on the overarching story, therefore don't let it get too complex
  • What you wrote in the first book can make it very hard to write the last book. It is very easy to paint yourself into a corner.
In other words, it is not for the faint of heart. It wouldn't have been quite so hard, I decided much too late to do anything about it, if the family had been working against a known enemy, but trying to carry a secret through several books and then reveal all at the end, was quite a mouthful to chew.

Yet... it is as good as done, I am happy to say. No doubt there will be revisions and tweaks, but it did tie up logically at the end, with a pretty nice bow, too, I thought. I enjoyed the challenge.

Next comes a sequel to the Haunted by the Earl's Touch, in case you wanted to know.