The London of the Ton - Part VII

By Ann Lethbridge

Just a little reminder that The Rake's Inherited Courtesan, with special UK cover, is out next month in the UK. But you can still purchase in North America on line, or order it at your bookstore. All right shameless, but there we go.

This, as you can see from the header, is Parliament Street in 1829.

I have a bit of a thing for streetscapes, probably because my characters walk about on the street, as well as dance at balls and when you get such a graphic picture it is so helpful.

This one is a little bit late, but still very indicative of our period. I particular like how crowded it is, and the different social strata, and the various vehicles.

This one is of Hyde Park in 1814. As the caption says, it is a model of the fleet at Anchor on the Serpentine as part of the 1814 Peace Celebrations.

Note, this was before Waterloo in June 1815 and the 100 days of Napoleon. They really thought the war was over. But it would take one more battle.

To me what is interesting about this picture is the level of detail of the ships and the cost. This would be a huge undertaking, even today. And is also a great view of Hyde Park from this angle.

That is all from me for today, until next time, Happy Rambles.