Regency English Countryside.

By Michele Ann Young

Make sure you have sound before viewing this video.

I do hope you can access this video. The reason I am posting it is not such much the view, which is of the Vale of Blackmore, Thomas Hardy country in Dorset, but it is the sounds of the birds. This was taken on June 2, and what you are seeing is simply a view across Marnhull from a field. I have a few more still pictures to add, but listen to those birds. the little yellow dots among the grass are buttercups.

I'm afraid you will have to ignore the wind, and my little grunt. I just can't not talk, even for a few seconds, though I did remember after I started to say something.

This is the first post about Dorset. Lots more to come, but as you can see this is definitely a case of happy rambles