Regency Houses - Saltram Continued

I could not leave the library without a picture of this desk and several other items that are evocative of the Regency.

Family tradition says this desk was given to Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough who gave it to her granddaughter who gave it to Lady Catherine Parker. Made of beechwood inlaid with brass and shell it is thought to be by Boulle (1642 - 1732), but it was restored badly in the nineteenth century when the red leather insert was added.

Even so, it really is a beautiful and extraordinary piece of furniture. On top is a silver gilt inkstand.

Naturally, since we are in the Regency, we have to feature other forms of entertainment. This is a rosewood games-table from the Regency era. Its cross over legs are painted to look like bronze and was made by the London firm J. McLane & Son (1770 to 1815)  The middle section of the top is reversible and is fitted with a backgammon board. Here we see it set for draughts.

I would love a table like this.

Another must have are library steps.

I lightened the picture because this corner was dark so the colour if off a bit.

These steps fold up to form a sabre-leg arm chair and is considered to be the Patent Metamorphic Library Chair by Morgan and Sanders pictured by Ackerman in 1811.

 I have no information of this gaming table, but just loved it enough to include it, because of the scoops for money or chips.  And the chairs.

 And so concludes our truncated tour of Saltram. There was much more to see and many more photos that I took, but I would encourage you to see it for yourself if you ever have the chance.

Until next time, Happy Rambles