Regency Fashion

January 2014

This is our second fashion plate for the month from Ackerman's Repository.

Morning Dress

A round robe of plain jaconot muslin, with spencer bodice, and rounded falling collar, edged with lace or needle-work; the same ornamenting the bottom of the dress. 

A loose robe pelisse of Indian muslin, thrown quite open in front, trimmed entirely round with a full gathered border of muslin or lace; the back confined at the bottom with a lemon-coloured ribband, brought round the waist, and tied in bows and ends in front. 

The Flushing mop cap, composed entirely of lace, ornamented with lemon-coloured ribband, which also confines it under the chin. A small rosary and cross of amber, twisted round the wrist, and a broach of the same confining the dress at the throat. Slippers and gloves of lemon-coloured kid.

Such a pretty Dress don't you think, and I like the stool and cushion she is perched on. It looks like summer more than winter to me. And a Flushing mob cap. Flushing is the English name for a harbour in the Netherlands, called Vlissingen. In case you wanted to know. Why there is a mob cap named after it, I do not profess to know. But it is very sweet.

That's it until next time, Happy Rambles.