Regency Fashion ~ May

by Michele Ann Young
Fashion, my favorite time of the month!

As you can see, this is called a half full dress. It is from the 1813 La Belle Assemblee

 The description is interesting. See how the gown is also called a "frock".

Frock of plain jacconet muslin, with a demi train; body of amber and white shot sarsnet, made in the same manner as last month, except that the waist is a little shorter; the sleeve, which is of a jacconet muslin, is very full, and is looped up with a floss silk ornament in the shape of a heart ...

I actually thought the headdress interesting. So many roses. Also while not mentions, the back of the bodice has a stand up collar.

I thought you might be interested in the following quote from the same issue.

  The death of her Royal Highness the Duchess of Brunswick, has for the last few weeks obliged our fair fashionables to conform to the Court mourning, which for the first month admitted scarcely of any variety.

An offering from the Ladies Magazine this time for 1810.

The full dress is described as  White sarcenet; purple velvet robe, trimmed with swans-down; lemon-colored kid gloves and shoes.

The walking dress, on the seated lady:. White muslin, bonnet and scarf of shot silk, to correspond.

Clearly the bonnet and scarf are not white, so one assumes they correspond with each other rather than the gown. The lacing up the front of the gown is rather military, I think.

That is all we have time for.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.

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