Searching for Regency London

by Ann Lethbridge

On my way to Bedford Square, mentioned in my previous blog, I found the mews for my hotel, or townhouse as it would have been in the Regency.

These mews, Gower Mews, run at right angles to Gower Street partway down the block, not behind the houses they were intended to serve. Though on other streets I found examples of the mews running behind the houses.

Note the narrowness of the entry, one carriage wide, opening out enough to allow for a carriage to turn.

And here it is from the other side. These mews are dwellings now, and the stables beneath are garages rented separately, though in some other mews I did notice these garages were converted into part of the dwelling.

A two bedroom flat in these mews still owned I believe by the Bedford Estate, can be rented for around 500 pounds a week.

Back to Bedford Square, which is actually more of an oval, at least in the middle.

Here are a couple of pictures around this wonderful square for your enjoyment, although I admit to taking many more.

This square is still uniform with its large double town house in the centre of each side of the square with the pediment above and the individual townhouses flanking it.

A great example of London in the Regency. I will have some information next time about one Regency person who lived here.

On my first day, my foray into London enchanted me and I took a great many pictures. So our ramble through London is going to be a slow one, since I have so far walked only a few steps from my hotel.

Until next time Happy Rambles.