Regency Fashions - August

How about some August fashions, just to make sure we don't forget?

These are labeled Afternoon Dress for 1799. Note the very full skirts of the pre-regency, but don't forget our Prinny was 37 at this point, so he is already heading for middle age. It seems to me that the only nod at summer made by these dresses, apart from the light fabrics, is the fan. August is one of the warmest month in England too.

These are taken from the 1805 Lady’s Monthly Museum.Cabinet of Fashion.
The first is a Walking Dress --Straw Hat, turned up in Front with a Lilac Feather. A Morning Dress of Cambric Muslin, with full long Sleeves. Habit Shirt. Spanish Cloak. With a fashionable Paratout.
The second Full Dress is described -- The Hair fashionably Dressed, with a Lace Veil tied to form a Cap with White Flowers. A Short Dress of clear Muslin, richly Embroidered, over a Sarsenet Dress of Lilac. White Gloves.

I just love the sound of "clear muslin richly embroidered over a Sarsanet dress of lilac". These people who did descriptions were almost poetic.

This is an evening gown from 1810 from La Belle Assemblee

Evening Visiting Dress.

A complete lemon-coloured sarsnet dress, trimmed with an embroidery of roses; a white lace drapery with train, fastened down the front with topaz snaps; a rich embroidered scarf is thrown carelessly across the shoulders. Topaz necklace, and earrings. The hair in loose ringlet curls, divided by an ornamental comb. Gloves and shoes of white or lemon-coloured kid. A bouquet of natural flowers.

One last one and then I must stop, though I always have more, but the post gets too long. No month would be complete without its riding dress, at least if I have one to show you.

Lady’s Riding Costume from August 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Made of ladies habit cloth or Moria Louisa Blue, trimmed down each side of the front with Spanish buttons, the waist rather long with three small buttons on the hips; a short jacket full behind, the front habit fashion with small buttons up the neck and a row of small buttons on each side of the breast; a lapel thrown back from the shoulders and trimmed with Spanish buttons, has a most elegant effect and gives a graceful finish to the dress. The collar is made about a quarter inch in depth and fashioned negligently at the throat with a large cord and tassel; it opens sufficiently to display the shirt which is of lace in general but this article admits of considerable variations; some of our elegants wear a collar of lace to fall over, others have a shirt edged round the neck with a rich lace frill and not a few, in despite of the heat of the weather, envelope their necks in a large cravat of India muslin.
A small woodland hat, whose colour corresponds with the dress with two white ostrich feathers fastened behind and falling carelessly over the left side. A cord and tassel is brought round the hat and fastened near the top of the crown on the right side.
Buff gloves and half boots either of buff jean or leather.

Not the comment about the large cravats in spite of the heat. And yes, Prinny is Regent indeed.

Until next time. Happy Rambles.

Regency Fashion For July

Boy have I ever missed all of you. I must say I find it hard to believe that the last time I posted was June 18. Where did that month go and the summer half over too. I had hoped to drop by from time to time during my holiday, but found internet access less than easy, and to spend time with the computer instead of friends and relatives seemed...well ...decidedly unfriendly. Mother was well, and the rest of the family were amazingly welcoming.

Our weather in England was wet, and in Italy, hot, and the whole thing an absolute

I am looking forward to sharing my holiday forays with you all, but I thought I would start with our old favorite fashion flavors of the month, before July disappears on me altogether.

So fashions for July

What I noticed most about these 1799 riding habits was how warm they looked. After spending two weeks huddled in a light cotton jacket and not being close to warm, I can understand why. Now when the sun was out, it was lovely, but I can imagine needing these warmer outfits on cloudy days on the back of a horse. I do think that my blood is thinner than it used to be, because some folks were walking around in shorts, I should hasten to add.

These more summery outfits are from The Ladies Monthly Museum
for the same year. This is the description:

First Figure. Muslin round dress, trimmed round the neck with lace; loose, full sleeves, with white or coloured satin bands at the bottom; silver band round the waist. The hair drawn close up behind, and large curls or folds on the top, interwoven with silver bandeau, with two large ostrich feathers. Necklace consisting of three rows of pearls, with a topaz in the middle. Shoes and gloves straw colour.

Second Figure. The same dress, of yellow muslin spotted with silver; with the sleeves drawn up on the arm.

These next two, which I really find quite delightful, are from 1806, from the same magazine:

Walking Dress.
Gown of Cambric Muslin, and Straw-coloured Sarsnet; Spanish Cloak, trimmed with White Lace; Straw Hat.

Full Dress.
A short Dress of alternate Stripes of Pink Crape and Silk Net; an Under-dress of White Sarsnet, ornamented with Lace; Head fashionably dressed with Black Velvet and Silver Foil.

Anyone know what they meant by silver foil? I will try to find out.

I thought I would give you one more from later in the period. This is from La Belle Assemblee 1810

The description is as follows.

Morning Walking Dress.

A round dress of thick fine India muslin, made high in the neck, with long sleeves, which are trimmed at the wrists with a narrow edging of lace; a lace let in round the bottom of the dress between four rows of small tucks. A light sky-blue mantle, lined with pale buff, with elastic collar, which is formed with letting-in-lace, and has the appearance of a full collar, but will, if required, by drawing over the head, form a very pretty and becoming bonnet; a cape of the same materials crosses the back, which is confined at the bottom of the waist, on the inside, with a pale-blue or buff ribband, tied with a bow in the front; it is entirely trimmed round with narrow edging of lace. A bonnet of straw, and pale-blue ribband, with plaiting of lace, worn underneath, tied under the chin; with a yellow rose in the front, and hair in ringlet curls, completes the dress. Gloves of pale-buff. Boots of the same colour, calashed and laced with pale-blue.

I have put up some July Ball Gowns on my website

Until Thursday, when we will do some flora and fauna, while it is all fresh in my mind, Happy Rambles.